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twins_lj's Journal

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Livejournal Twins


A super fantastic, big whoop of Hi's from us mods here at twins_lj. This is a community that gives you the chance of pairing up with someone you get along really well with as twins!

The idea originated from marry_a_ljuser!

Without further ado, I introduce you to the next and most important section in this user page.


Yes, we love and hate rules. But I would like to emphasize on how important it is to read the rules we have listed here. It doesn't reflect well on yourself and your twin if you break any of the rules here. It goes to show the amount of respect you have for the mods and the community at large.

1. Please only apply for the status of twins if both you and your friend currently have each other on your respective friends list.

2. Please kindly ask for the consent of your friend whom you wish to be twins with. I think you should know why, we wouldn't want any party to be unwilling roped into this.

3. If you have been claimed against your wishes, do e-mail/comment on the post relevant to your mis-claim and we will disqualify it immediately.

4. We allow only three claims of twins.

5. With that said, I would like to remind all that if the friend you wish to be twins with has been claimed by another, please ask if her/his friend would be willing to share him/her with you.

Example in steps:
1) baka_bunnies has claimed ilovehugs
2) vivamente would like to claim baka_bunnies
3) ilovehugs's approval has to be given.
4) This gives baka_bunnies with only 1 claim left if approval is gained, and vivamente becomes her twin.

6. If you and your friend have successfully become twins, please link us back to your user info. [Example: baka_bunnies are approved twins with ilovehugs at twins_lj]

7. We will absolutely not tolerate any form of bitch fights, vulgarities, sexist or racist remarks. If you could, please control yourself and bring them out of the community. A ban will be given if you break this rule.

8. No pictures that suggest incest, porn or religious slandering will be allowed. We the mods will not hesitate to disqualify you and your friend. A ban on posting both your claims will be put into place. The period would be decided on a case to case basis.

9. If using pictures in your claims, please remember the LJ cut code. We like to be gentle on the friends list.

10. The list will be updated close to everyday. The mods will try their best. Especially ilovehugs on the computer 24/7 So please do not pester us regarding updating of the claims list.


Make your claim[s] as a post in the community not as a comment or the mods wont see it.

[Subject] To: username.
< lj-cut text="Insert desired text here" >
Anything to say to your twin goes here.
< /lj-cut >

If you wish to "un-twin" please comment in this post.

vergils_lover is the twin of fightingoutside
baka_bunnies is the twin of ilovehugs
cherrixwolf is the twin of illeistic
confused is the twin of immortality
daitesenorita is the twin of rinkura
dawnsshadow is the twin of halfthewords
denwan is the twin of mint
flowed is the twin of ailes_de_destin
birdboy is the twin of adorantis
jynxedfyre is the twin of neuronal
kokoro_no_uta is the twin of kykou_yk
lilalohari is the twin of takkey
myreasoninlife is the twin of vivamente
citric is the twin of pocket
gekkonorondo is the twin of pyratesss
red_regen is the twin of amari_sakura
mienai_hoshi is the twin of lethologica
sakube_yamu is the twin of xiyu
sennenspellbook is the twin of stardust_halos
shinigami_yumi is the twin of lightsfragments
nikkibyun is the twin of katya_jule
yoh_kun is the twin of lnasnedagoniat
mizukomidori is the twin of tokyocentricity